Book of the Month Club: Last Emperor: The Annals of Xiao-Xian

Book of the Month Club: Last Emperor: The Annals of Xiao-Xian

Our next book in the Book of the Month Club will be Last Emperor: The Annals of Xiao-Xian, translated by Yang Zhengyuan.

Last Emperor: The Annals of Xiao-Xian is an English translations of excerpts from the Chinese history Hou Han shu, concerning the Fall of the Han Dynasty at the end of second century AD. Many readers might know about Romance of the Three Kingdoms, the great Chinese epic about this period, but Yang Zhengyuan has been editing and translating the earlier medieval histories about the end of the Han Dynasty and the Three Kingdoms period. The Hou Han shu dates from the fifth century and is one of the key sources of the period.

As a bonus, readers will also get a digital copy of The Biography of Dong Zhou, the warlord who set in motion the civil war that China was plunged into in the year 189. You can learn more about Yang Zhengyuan and his project at Three States Records.

It is available for our readers based in the United States and Canada who sign up to our Patreon page at the $35 (US) level before the end of September. When you sign up through our Patreon page, your payment gets deducted at the beginning of each month. Then we will send your shipping information to the author who will send you the book.


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